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Increase Website Your DR To 40+ For 5 bucks?

I got this idea from Matt Diggity April Fool Video, if you have not watch it, you can watch it here:

At 2:17, he mentioned paying someone from Fiverr $5 to boost the DR. Although this was being pulled off as a joke, this intrigued my curiosity and I wonder what and how can those guys from Fiverr pull this off? 

Because if this can be easily achieved, and if you’re actively buying outreach links (Guest Posting / Link insertion)  based on metrics like DR without checking the history you might be ripped off. Luckily, Ahrefs kept a record of the DR history, so you can check back to see if there is any suspicious movement. (More about this later) 

Just want to put a disclaimer out there: DR is not related to ranking, DR is a standalone metric based on Ahrefs backlinks data, for accurate information please read Ahrefs article that talks about how their DR works at  https://ahrefs.com/blog/domain-rating/

Photo Credit: Ahrefs (Linked Above)

I managed to find the Fiverr gig that Matt mentioned in the video. However, $5 only gets me to DR 5+ which is easily attainable with a few link building on my own. For this case study, I’m looking at somewhere between DR 30 – 40 which is way harder to attain than DR 5. This gig was charging a $150 fee to increase to DR 40+.

Fiverr Gig 1

There is no way I will pay $150 for this, especially if all they are going to do is a GSA/SENUKE blast. I decided to shop around to find the best value for this kind of gig. After some digging, I found someone who can do it for $5.  

Fiverr Gig 2

In the Gigg, it mentions:

Fiverr Gig 3

Wait a minute….. “white hat, google safe, and not bots/tools”? What else can I hope for! My mind is set and I decided to go with this gig. Before I place the order, I will need a website to test this gig.

It can’t be my PBN nor my money site (for obvious reasons), I need a site where everyone who reads this blog can check it on Ahrefs and verify themselves. So I came up with a brilliant idea on which domain to use for this test. (Which I will reveal later, so keep reading!)

Archseo Ahrefs Old DR

So it began, I anxiously waited for the gig to be completed but it took longer than I expected.

I placed the order on April 5 and the deadline was supposed to be 30 days.

I check my Ahrefs every day, nothing happened from April 5 to April 20. On the 21st of April, I started to see a HUGE bunch of links coming in on Ahrefs. Are you guys ready for this?

Ahrefs RD
As I’ve expected, they are using some SEO Tools (GSA/ SENUKE) to blast out links and they manage to force index on all those links. What about the DR / UR / Ahrefs Rank?

Ahrefs Metrics

Ahrefs DR
Wow, a remarkable increase in DR in a matter of days! My DR went from 5 to 26 in one day and slowly went up to as high as 42 over the weeks. And look at the UR, it’s 81! I’m considered one of the top authority websites now!

Let’s take a look at our referring domains section to see what kind of link building they have done.

Ahrefs RD 9

Wow! DR 90+ do-follow links from Google, .gov, .edu, Baidu, and more authority sites! You have to be impressed by that, those links are nearly impossible to get. Before we get overly excited with the links, let’s take a deeper look.

Ahrefs RD 3
Ahrefs RD 8
Ahrefs RD 5
Ahrefs RD 6

Are you starting to see a pattern? The four screenshots above are redirected links to my website. Yes, in case you haven’t noticed, I put this website (archseo.com) on the frontline for this special case study so you guys can check it out on Ahrefs yourselves. I went over to the backlinks column in Ahrefs to take a look, and indeed almost all the links Ahrefs show are redirected links.

Ahrefs RD 7

Here’s what showed up when I tried to access the backlinks:

Gateway Redirect 1
Gateway Redirect 2
Gateway Redirect 3

One of the things I’ve observed is that even though all those links are redirected links, there are 2 different types.

Type A: Instant Redirect (Click here for example)
This type of link redirects instantly once you click on it. Think of it like a tracking link you use on your affiliate website.

Type B: Gateway Redirect (Click here for example)
This type of link shows you a gateway page before they redirect. It usually comes with a text saying “You’re being redirected, Click here to continue” etc.

The 3 example photos we sent above are Gateway Redirect.

In Ahrefs referring domain section, we can see that there was a split between 80% of Instant Redirect (Type A), the remaining 20% as normal links (Type B)

Ahrefs RD 10

Those links are really easy to manipulate, you can literally change the URL to redirect the site you wanted.

An example for my site is: https://www.treasury.gov/cgi-bin/redirect.cgi/?https://archseo.com

You could change it to: https://www.treasury.gov/cgi-bin/redirect.cgi/?https://weblinksbroker.com

And you have the same effect. I’m going to try to index the new links I’ve just created using an indexer and see what happens. And oh! Don’t worry. If you think I’m screwing someone else’s site, I own weblinksbroker.com as well, it’s a sister site that provides outreach links service.

In total, I’ve received a total of 10k Unique backlinks (or should I call it, “redirect links”) from this Fiverr gig.

I’m going to break down the DR of the backlink (or should I say redirect?)

  • DR 90 and above = 29
  • DR 80 to 89 = 116
  • DR 60 to 79 = 971
  • DR 40 to 59 = 1537
  • DR 20 to 39 = 4200
  • DR 0 to 19 = 3627

From what you can see, I am getting really good DR links for what I paid for. With so many high DR links pointing at this website, I’ve no doubt that it will boost my DR. On top of that, I am getting an insane UR boost on my website with UR 81! (Anyone wants a backlink from me? :p)

However, does it help with the ranking? Unfortunately, I can’t give you an answer on this as I didn’t optimize this website for ranking and it’s not exactly “Google friendly”. Everything about this website goes against Google guidelines. However, if you must know, I only had 1 organic keyword in Ahrefs before this began, and it’s still the same now. I guess it doesn’t help but perhaps it might increase someday down the road–who knows?

Ahrefs Organic Search

One of the downsides of this is the sheer number of new referring domains being built and indexed overnight. Think about the link velocity. I’ve have 32 referring domains on April 21 , on April 22 it shot up to 2.2k which eventually it reached 10k+. This surge does not look good on your link profile.

Speaking of link profiles and metrics, this calls for some concern. If you recall when I mentioned earlier that unethical link sellers might inflate the DR or other metrics with just a few dollars and try to sell your DR 40/50/60 backlink for a premium amount.

Rule of thumb: If you’re buying link insertion or guest post, always check the metrics history and their backlink before buying. Buying links off pure metric is going to get you into trouble with Google in the long run. Ahrefs have a DR history section where you can easily check the link before making any decision.

Ahrefs DR Jump

What’s next?

I’m will wait to see if there is any penalty coming from Google and will actually test it on a page that I want to rank. This can potentially be use for churn and burn. I might also handpick a few good redirect links to use on some of my main money sites and test if it helps to move the needle.

Remember buying any gig off Fiverr that claims to boost your DR / Ranking is going to cost you a lot down the road.

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ArchSEO provide quality links building (Both PBN and Outreach Links). If you need any help with the following feel free to approach our team to find out more.  

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