ArchSEO Guarantee

I understand that there will be many doubts and concerns regarding to purchase a network that does not provide actual live links like my Relentless Network. In which, it results you to be unable to check the links and stats of the website.

Why We Don’t Give Out Live Link Reports?

Here are the 4 main reasons as to why we don’t give out reports containing live links…

To Prevent Spam – There are people out there who buy links and build ‘spammy’ keywords stuffed with tier 2 links to them. This is because they do not owe that PBN — hence, they have the mindset that they could spam tier 2 links with GSA in order to increase the PA of that page. And when they do that, it is going to jeopardize the entire domain for ‘spammy’ anchor text. Resulting in deindex, and having your money spent down to the drain.

To Prevent Being Too Public – Let’s say that in a scenario that we have 50 clients, and we give out 50 reports. All 50 people are going to have the live links, and it’s no longer going to be private. Why do I say that? This is because in a hypothetical case that everyone has the live links, some might just share them around. And presuming that one of them is a jealous white hat guy (or maybe even a spy from Google), reporting the links to Google could result you in having your rank drop and receiving a manual penalty.

To Prevent Stealing Of Niche – Due to the fact that your main keywords and URL of your money site will be displayed on the live link report, if the link report becomes public, everyone can see what you are ranking for. And that is when they could start stealing your niche! Can you imagine your time spent doing keyword research is now free for public?

To Prevent Negative SEO – To add on to the above factor, the moment that they steal your niche is the moment when they can start sending you 100k of GSA links to your money site. Your ranking will drop, and they will rise. Now… Imagine losing your money site just because you wanted a live link report.

To be fair, I understand that some of the factors stated here are pretty rare. But that doesn’t mean that it don’t possess a chance of happening. Are you really willing to take that risk just for a live link report? Because I am pretty sure that I’m not going to risk my $500 – $2000/month client earnings for a report. I am also fully aware that one of the biggest worries a purchaser always have is to buy from sellers who do this scam for a living.Which result in that you’re unable to check the link and the stats of the website. And i know that there are many seller who does this scam for a living.

A Few Example

  • Providing fake/bogus service when they do not have the network.
  • Having a lousy Metrics domain, yet claiming to have high Metrics in order to lure Buyers.
  • They claim to have completed your order, but in reality, they have not.
  • They give you links from deindexed domains.
  • They don’t care if their website is “shitty”, “spammy”, or “networkish” looking – all only because they build their network to sell.
  • Their network has been de-indexed, but your link still remains in there – which tells Google to trace your website.
  • They go missing after you have made payments.
  • Portraying bad customer services. (Most of them change their tone once your payment has been made).

ArchSEO Iron-Clad Guarantee

  • Your Order Will be 100{5d50dc60b29732f91e4b30c5a067bcd4995b9ef8862b4b65033896b9198affc1} Processed and Posted.
  • The Metrics that we claimed (PR/DA/PA/TF/CF) are definitely there. We do not over promise our clients nor do we under deliver them.
  • We will not unnecessarily remove any links. This is unless your website has been hacked, de-indexed, or becomes a dead website.
  • Every once per week, we do checking for all of our networks to see if they got hit.
  • If ever, our network gets hit – which by all means have a low chance (but low chance doesn’t always mean no chance), we will remove all post and content immediately.
  • If you ever get hit by the “unnatural linking penalty”, we will remove the links for free.
  • Double & Triple Quality Check By Different Person for your order. (To prevent wrong anchor text or URLs)
  • We will provide each and every of our clients with our Top Notch Customer Service. (However, if you decide to act like a douchebag, then I’m sorry – I don’t even want your order.)
By concluding all these, if you’re still keen and insist on receiving the live links before ordering my network, I would recommend you to purchase from someone else who sells them. And I could assure you that within few months, you will see that most of them will get hit and will be de-indexed. There are three reasons for this outcome – the competitors have reported their links; their links have been shared too publicly; or even maybe the purchase has been made by one of the few white hat guys, and they reported it.

I used to provide Live Link Reports to my clients, and I know how high the hit rate has gone up – so much that I do not want to risk my networks. Please do remember that I use them for both my own money site and local client websites. If my network gets hit, the first person who gets affected the most will be me, not you. And with my abilities, I will take whatever I can to protect my network and assure you that this is my utmost priority.

I hope all of us can have a nice ranking day