We understand that there may be concerns when purchasing links from a network that does not provide actual live link reports, which does not allow you to check the links and stats of the websites you gained the links from.

Why We Do Not Provide Live Link Reports

  1. To Prevent Spam – Some people build ‘spammy’ keywords stuffed with tier 2 links to PBN sites that they previously bought links from. As they do not own these particular PBN sites, they may spam these sites with GSA to increase the PA of those pages without caring for others. If this happens, this will jeopardise the domain’s integrity due to the ‘spammy’ anchor text, resulting in the website being de-indexed. This inconveniences others who have bought links from the same PBN, as everyone’s money is lost without any lasting benefit gained.
  2. To Prevent Being Too Public – For example, in a scenario that we have 50 clients who receive 50 different reports from us, all these people will have the actual links of the sites. This results in the PBN not being a private one, anymore. In the case that people have the live links, they may share them around. This is even worse if any of these people only want to obtain the links to report them to Google, which can result in your money sites facing ranking drops and even penalties.
  3. To Prevent Niche Theft – As your main keywords and URL of your money sites will be displayed on the live link reports, if these reports become public, everyone will be able to see what niches you are trying to rank for. This means that anyone will be able to steal your niche. If this happens, all your time spent doing keyword research and finding a niche may be wasted and your information exposed to the public.
  4. To Prevent Negative SEO – The moment someone discovers and steals your niche is the moment someone can negatively affect your rankings. By sending thousands of spammy links to your money sites they can force a penalty on you and cause your rankings to drop. All this is not worth risking, if only for a live link report.

To be fair, some of these situations are rare. However, this does not mean that they would never happen. We are not willing to take the risks of affecting any of our clients by providing live link reports. However, we are fully aware that one of the biggest worries when purchasing from third-party link providers are buying said links from scammers who never deliver, where they do not provide the links nor metrics of the website.

Some Examples of Link Scammers

Our ArchSEO Iron-Clad Guarantee

If you still insist on live link reports, I am afraid that I will not be able to fulfill your orders. Previously, I have provided live link reports for my clients, and I am familiar with the high rate of de-indexing of sites due to this. Therefore, I will not risk the integrity of my network or my client’s websites. My clients and myself are using this network for our money sites, and I hope that you understand that this is for the benefit of everyone.