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Turbocharge Your WordPress Site Speed With This Hack

The Laziest & Free Way To Get An Almost Perfect Score In All Website Speed Test Tools

If you’re like me, trying to do all the good things in Google instead of finding that magic ranking ‘loophole’ to game the system, you will know that page speed is one of the key ranking factors. Not only a ranking factor, but it will also help your visitor to stay, reduce bounce rate and eventually increase your conversion rate.

I’ve tried different plugins and tools that are supposed to help you improve your website speed and Time to First Byte (TTFB). Even after installing and optimising all of these different plugins and tools, none of them really came close to giving me a high score on the major website speed test sites.

Here are some types of plugins/tools that a lot of us will install/use to improve our website speed:

  • CDN
  • Image Optimization/Compression
  • Lazy Load
  • Cache

In this case study, we are going to see if there is one plugin that can replace everything above and in fact, do a better job with minimal effort.

Introducing Nitropack

One day I saw this plugin being recommended in a Facebook group as the “Holy grail of pagespeed” plugin. One plugin that does all of the above combined. I decided to investigate and see if it can be incorporated into my website.

It was called “Nitropack”.

Most reviews out there will tell you how the process works and explain to you all the technical jargon. But as an end user, what we want to do is simple: install the plugin and see if it delivers the results as promised. If it works it works, if it doesn’t we’ll keep finding the next best solution.

Isn’t that the point of using a plugin? We all want something that we can just set, activate and forget.

For this case study, I will install the plugin on this current website so that everyone can enter the URL into the website speed test sites to see the result for themselves.

I will do a before and after comparison on these 3 major website speed test sites:

  1. Pingdom (
  2. Gtmetrix (
  3. Google Page Speed (

On each of them I will run the test 3x and get the average. This is to ensure that my test is of the highest accuracy and not affected by any bugs on those sites.

Before I run the test, here are the existing plugins that we’re using:

  • Litespeed Cache
  • Shortpixel Image Optimizer
  • Lazy Load – Optimize Images

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that those 3 plugins are bad and should be replaced. In fact, they are quite popular and with the proper settings, they could help you improve your page speed / load time.

But even with these, it requires quite a decent amount of technical knowledge to score really high in the 3 major website speed test sites. And what we are looking for is a set-and-forget solution without fumbling through the settings and watching tonnes of YouTube videos to find the perfect ones for our website.

Speed Test Result (Before)

As mentioned earlier, we ran through all of them 3x with the average scores on the far-right.


Pingdom Result #1 Result #2 Result #3 Average
Performance Grade D (68) D (68) D (70) 68.6 (D)
Page Size 1.2MB 1.2MB 1.2MB 1.2MB
Load Time 1.28s 866ms 863ms 1.003s
Request 64 64 64 64


Gtmetrix Result #1 Result #2 Result #3 Average
Pagespeed Score B (82%) B (82%) B (82%) B (82%)
YSlow Score C (77%) C (77%) C (77%) C (77%)
Fully Load Time 4.5s 2.7s 3.6s 3.6s
Total Page Size 1.07MB 1.07MB 1.07MB 1.07MB
Request 64 64 64 64

Google PageSpeed (Desktop)

Google PageSpeed Result #1 Result #2 Result #3 Average
First Contentful Paint 1.2s 1.3s 1.2s 1.23s
Speed Index 2.4s 4.0s 2.3s 2.9s
Largest Contentful Paint 2.8s 2.7s 2.0s 2.5s
Time To Interactive 2.6s 2.8s 2.8s 2.73s
Total Blocking Time 0ms 40ms 20ms 20ms
Cumulative Layout Shift 0.035 0.035 0.035 0
Score 70 65 77 70.66

Google PageSpeed (Mobile)

Google PageSpeed Result #1 Result #2 Result #3 Average
First Contentful Paint 4.3s 4.3s 4.2s 4.27s
Speed Index 7.7s 11.2s 6.9s 8.6s
Largest Contentful Paint 4.4s 4.4s 4.2s 4.33s
Time To Interactive 10.6s 9.7s 10.5s 9.6s
Total Blocking Time 260ms 390ms 340ms 330ms
Cumulative Layout Shift 0.072 0 0.072 0.048
Score 52 46 53 50.33

Installing Nitropack

Once I had gotten the results from all the major website speed testers, I placed an order with Nitropack that has both paid and free plans.

In this example, I’m just going to use the free plan as I’m optimising this Archseo website, which is not going to rank for any keywords and also because we have very few pages.

At the same time, I don’t want this case study to be a biased review if you have to pay just to get the benefits of these tools.

A free plan means that everyone can optimise their website for free. The free plan comes with a 200-page optimization limit and you will need to give them sitewide footer links.

You can scroll to the bottom to take a look and experience it yourself. 

The paid plan can be quite expensive when compared to other similar tools. If you’re on a budget, or your site is not making as much money for you to invest in this plugin, a free plan will work just fine. It’s just one outbound link in the footer, so it’s not going to affect your website much. You can always switch to a paid plan once you start making more money from your site.

All you have to do is to install the Nitropack plugin, and connect using the API found in your new account.

Once this is done, I will set the setting to ‘Ludicrous’ for the best optimization. However, please ensure that you backup your site, so that in the event anything goes wrong, you will still be able to restore it.

Sit back and let it do its job – it will take a few days up till a week, depending on how large your website is.

Speed Test Result (After)

After about 2 weeks, I checked back on the results. Here you go:


Pingdom Result #1 Result #2 Result #3 Average
Performance Grade A (98%) A (98%) A (98%) A (98%)
Page Size 1.9MB 1.9MB 1.9MB 1.9MB
Load Time 852ms 450ms 473ms 591.67ms
Request 77 77 77 77


Gtmetrix Result #1 Result #2 Result #3 Average
Pagespeed Score A (99%) A (99%) A (99%) A (99%)
YSlow Score A (99%) A (99%) A (99%) A (99%)
Fully Load Time 2.9s 1.8s 2.7s 2.46s
Total Page Size 215KB 215KB 215KB 215KB
Request 12 12 12 12

Google PageSpeed (Desktop)

Google PageSpeed Result #1 Result #2 Result #3 Average
First Contentful Paint 0.3s 0.4s 0.3s 0.33s
Speed Index 0.9s 1.0s 0.9s 0.93s
Largest Contentful Paint 0.7s 0.7s 0.3s 0.57s
Time To Interactive 0.3s 0.4s 0.3s 0.33s
Total Blocking Time 0ms 0ms 0ms 0ms
Cumulative Layout Shift 0 0 0 0
Score 100 99 100 99.67

Google PageSpeed (Mobile)

Google PageSpeed Result #1 Result #2 Result #3 Average
First Contentful Paint 1.2s 1.2s 1.1s 1.17s
Speed Index 2.6s 2.5s 2.2s 2.43s
Largest Contentful Paint 1.2s 1.2s 1.1s 1.17s
Time To Interactive 3.7s 3.7s 3.7s 3.7s
Total Blocking Time 140ms 210ms 110ms 153.33ms
Cumulative Layout Shift 0 0 0 0
Score 98 98 99 98.3


I take the average of both before and after from each speed testing website. And put into table below for easy reference. 


Pingdom Before After
Performance Grade D (68%) A (98%)
Page Size 1.2MB 1.9MB
Load Time 1.28s 591.67ms
Request 64 77


Gtmetrix Before After
Pagespeed Score B (82%) A (99%)
YSlow Score C (77%) A (99%)
Fully Load Time 4.5s 2.46s
Total Page Size 1.07MB 215KB
Request 64 12

Google PageSpeed (Desktop)

Google PageSpeed Before After
First Contentful Paint 1.23s 0.33s
Speed Index 2.9s 0.93s
Largest Contentful Paint 2.5s 0.57s
Time To Interactive 2.73s 0.33s
Total Blocking Time 20ms 0ms
Cumulative Layout Shift 0 0
Score 70.66 99.67

Google PageSpeed (Mobile)

Google PageSpeed Before After
First Contentful Paint 4.27s 1.17s
Speed Index 8.6s 2.43s
Largest Contentful Paint 4.33s 1.17s
Time To Interactive 9.6s 3.7s
Total Blocking Time 330ms 153.33ms
Cumulative Layout Shift 10.6 0
Score 50.33 98.3

As you can see from the above chart, we saw drastic improvements in just 2 weeks. All we did was install, activate and forget about it. And best of all, it’s FREE. There is no reason why you wouldn’t do it, unless you’re really concerned about having one sitewide footer outbound link. 

If this is a concern for you, chances are you’re probably getting a decent amount of traffic from your website, so you could possibly choose the cheapest plan at $19/month to see if it performs well for you. 

While doing this test, I asked Nitropack if they had any discount code that I could share, and they created one for me “ARCH10OFF”. Use this code to get 10% off your first purchase (you save more when you get a yearly plan) and yes, I do get an affiliate fee if you sign up using my coupon code.

In order to use this coupon code you need to click using my link.

Ultimately, the end-goal of installing this plugin and improving your page should get you:

Higher Ranking in Google:

More Conversion:

I hope you liked this case study. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at or leave a comment down below, and I will get back to you as soon as I can!

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