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Help a Reporter Out (HARO) is a dynamic platform that connects experts with journalists and bloggers in search of valuable insights. While we excel in tapping into HARO's potential to secure high-authority backlinks for your website, our expertise doesn't end there. Beyond HARO, we actively pitch to other premium journalists platforms, ensuring you receive the broadest coverage possible.

Sites We Pitch To :

Our Strategy Is Clear And Effective:

We Tailor Pitches To Align Perfectly With Your Persona And Industry Niche, Making Sure You Stand Out To Top-tier Publications. By Leveraging Our Specialized Haro Link-building Approach, You Will Not Only Enhance Your Credibility But Also Boost Your Seo, Expanding Your Digital Presence.

Unlocking the Power of High Authority Links

HARO and other journalist platforms are untapped goldmines. 



With Us Managing The Complexities Of Haro, You Can Concentrate On What’s Paramount: Operating Your Business And Imparting Your Expertise.moreover, Our Distinctive Strategy Ensures You Pay Only For The Links We Successfully Obtain For You.

HARO Pricing

Domain Rating Do Follow No Follow
< DR40 Free Free
DR40-50 $200 Free
DR50-90 $350 $100
DR90+ $450 $150

HARO Syndicated Pricing*

Domain Rating Do Follow No Follow
< DR40 Free Free
DR40-50 $10 Free
DR50-90 $25 $10
DR90+ $50 $25

*Our onboarding process involves upfront deposit and a setup fee to kick things off smoothly.

Setup Fee : $200 || Deposit : $1500

We will request you to top up your account when it fall below $500

Unlock Maximum Media Exposure In Just 4 Steps!

Kickstart with Personalization

Fill out our onboarding form, providing us with details like your personalized email access, bio, experience, and a captivating headshot.

Access Elite Platforms

Using your unique account, we'll sign you up on HARO and other top-tier journalist platforms. This guarantees you're positioned right where the action happens.

Daily Dedicated Pitches

Every day, we'll proactively pitch to various journalist queries, ensuring you never miss an opportunity.

Gain High-Quality Backlinks

Watch as we secure you links from high domain authority sites, amplifying your online presence like never before.

Ready To Elevate Your Brand?


We accept a wide range of niches for HARO link building, excluding websites related to adult content, casinos/gambling, cannabis, and similar categories. Our primary focus is on websites that offer genuinely valuable and informative content.

After successfully securing HARO links for you, we will furnish a comprehensive report containing the links, anchor text, and the respective websites where they have been published. You can conveniently review the progress and verify these links by accessing the Google Sheets document we have provided.

The timeframe for acquiring HARO links can fluctuate due to various factors, such as your industry, the relevance of your response to the journalist’s query, and the responsiveness of journalists. Typically, it may take anywhere from a few weeks to several months to secure and publish HARO links. few weeks to several months to secure and publish HARO links. Do note that you will only incur charges for successfully acquired links.

Sometimes, when we pitch to one high-quality platform and the article is published, it gets syndicated to other websites. Essentially, you receive multiple high-authority placements from one article. Instead of charging the full price, we offer them at an 80-90% discount, ensuring you get the best value for your money.

Starting in 2024, HARO now requires a paid subscription to submit more than five pitches per month, similar to other major journalist platforms that charge between $80 to $100 monthly. To secure valuable backlinks, the process typically takes about 1-3 months. To help you get started, we would sign up on those platforms and share the associated costs with you. This means an upfront fee of $400 to $500, which we’ll divide, costing you $200.

The deposit is a standard practice that reflects commitment and assurance from both parties. It signifies your serious intent to engage our services, allowing us to confidently allocate the necessary resources and expertise to your project right from the start. Additionally, it supports our team in dedicating significant time and effort towards research, outreach, and securing high-quality link placements for your business and ensuring a strong foundation for the project.

We will only charge you for high-quality journalist links. If you believe a link is not valid, please open a ticket, and we will investigate. If we determine that the link does not meet our quality standards, we will reimburse the credit.

No, you will not be billed for duplicate links.

No, we only link to the homepage. This is because HARO-acquired links from reporters and journalists typically direct to the homepage as a standard practice.

We only charge for DR 50-90+ links, and the cost is exceptionally affordable at just $100-$150. It’s essential to understand that ‘nofollow’ links can still contribute to a well-rounded backlink profile and offer potential indirect SEO benefits

HARO can be a valuable addition to your link-building strategy. It can help improve your website’s authority, traffic, and SEO rankings by acquiring high-quality, editorially earned backlinks from reputable sources.

Our refund policy is straightforward: If we cannot fulfill the full deposited amount of HARO links within three months, we will refund the remaining balance.

No, there is typically no minimum Domain Rating (DR) requirement for websites to start using HARO. We can work with any website, whether it’s new or well-established. Our services are designed to assist a wide range of clients in leveraging HARO effectively.

We cannot assure placement on specific websites, but we are committed to diligently securing relevant and high-quality HARO links from authoritative sources

When you sign up, you’ll have three choices: Option A (Rapid): All-Inclusive Query Coverage, Option B (Balanced): General Business and Industry-Specific Query Coverage, and Option C (Gradual): Industry-Specific Query Coverage. You can select your preference, and we’ll customize our approach accordingly. However, it’s important to understand that the main goal of journalist link building is to improve your domain authority. Therefore, all journalist links will direct to your homepage to strengthen your E-E-A-T Being featured on major authority sites, such as Yahoo, MSN, NASDAQ, and AOL, holds more value than being relevant on a site with an average Domain Rating (DR) and traffic. We strongly recommend Option A or Option B to begin with, as Option C is the slowest. Please note that our 3-month refund placement guarantee does not apply to Option C.