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Welcome to ArchSEO! Today, we’ll be going through a case study about the local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) through the use of just:

  • Web 2.0
  • Social Web 2.0
  • Social Signal
  • ArchSEO Network links

This case study also proved the fact that i use them for my local client website as what i claim in my sales pages.

Summary Of The Deal

Client X was referred to me by a friend to do a brand new corporate website plus SEO Service. They paid me $1,000 for a simple design wordpress website and they are only willing to pay $500/month for SEO if I am able to get them on page #1 in ranking.

On the account that my client’s niche is about ‘Cars’, I did a research on the competitors because they wanted to target the local market. I found out that the completion was low, and with a decent traffic. This means that the keywords will be between the easy to medium difficulty level. And since I was confident that I am able to rank it with my network, I took up the job.

Considering that they make about $60 to $200 per sale, it will take them about an average of 3 – 5 sales to break it even. Initially, they had 3 main keywords that they wanted to rank, but later on decided that they wanted to add another 6 more which is the “city + main keyword” and “main keyword + city”.

For example:
Dog Training (Main Keyword)
Dog Training Dallas (Main Keyword + City)
Dallas Dog Training (City + Main Keyword)

In my point of view that I am going to rank them anyway – I mean, I’ll definitely use those variation as partial match anchor when ranking those main keywords, and was already planning on adding them as a bonus keywords to Client X, I agreed to their request without much consideration.

To ensure that I am always doing some upgrades to the website, I make sure that I do SEO on them on a weekly basis.

Below is the weekly break down on how I rank them…

Rank Method / Strategy

  • SEP – Completed the website, let the content and site seat in.
  • 06 OCT – 12 OCT – Added 5 PBN Links (Main KW)
  • 13 OCT – 19 OCT – Create a fanpage, link back and add 1000 likes + Social Signal (TW,G+,FB)
  • 20 OCT – 26 OCT – Adding 6 PBN Links (Main KW + Variation)
  • 27 OCT – 02 NOV – Add 50 Web 2.0 (Brand)
  • 03 NOV – 09 NOV – Added 6 PBN Links (Main KW + Variation) + Social Signal
  • 10 NOV – 16 NOV – Added 50 Social web 2.0 (Brand)
  • 17 NOV – 23 NOV – Added 5 PBN Links (Main KW + Variation)
  • 24 NOV – 30 NOV – Social Signal Only
  • 01 DEC – 07 DEC – Add 6 PBN Links (Main KW + Variation)
  • 08 DEC – 14 DEC – Add 50 Social Web 2.0 (Brand)
  • 15 DEC – 21 DEC – Add 6 Guest Post + Social Signal (Brand)

Here are the results (Last Checked on 30 DEC 2014):
*Refer Below For Updated Results

Case Study #1 Ranking Chart

Case Study #1 Ranking Graph


  • For the ranking graph, in the beginning I had forgotten to add in all the additional keywords client requested as I had only added in the main keywords. The variation was added later on.
  • The PBN links i used are from my  ‘Relentless Network‘ or ‘Isabella Network‘. These 2 network i personally used them for my client website, but they are also for sale at one off placement fee. Alternatively you can replace them from other sources or use your own PBN.


Is This A Newly Launched Website?
Yes, this website was first registered in August 2014, and we had our official launch in September 2014.

Is Adding 50 – 100 Web 2.0 Too Much For A New Website?
No, not all of them will stick and not all of them will get indexed.

Do You Submit Those Web 2.0 To The Indexer?
Yes, I do it with drip-feed of over 21 days.

What’s Next After This?
We will maintain the link velocity and slowly keep on adding in more PBN links. Since I’ve already got my client’s website to the top rank, I’ll consider doing that in a span of about 1 or 2 times each week.

What Kind Of Social Signal Do You Use?
We’re mainly using LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ for our social signals.

What Is Those Network?
They are my PBN networks that we’re using for our own local client as well as offering it for sale at an incredibly affordable rate. There is no recurring fee, just a once off placement fee.

What Are The Stats Of Your PBN?
On average they are PR 2+, DA 20+, PA 20+, TF 20+, 20+

What Is The Difference Between Your Relentless And Isabella Network?
The only difference between the two networks is having different set of domains. I wanted to brand them differently is not only because of “Marketing Gimmick”, but to also ensure that I could task out those manual link building work to my virtual assistant in a more systematic way. For a start i would recommend Relentless Network 18 links package.

To wrap this up, I would like to present everyone with a 20{5d50dc60b29732f91e4b30c5a067bcd4995b9ef8862b4b65033896b9198affc1} off New Year Coupon code that you can use for both ‘Isabella Network and ‘Relentless Network!

Coupon Code: ‘2015′ (Coupon Still Valid)

Hit the comment button below if you have any questions, and I’ll respond back to you as soon as I can!


Case Study Update (As at Jan 2015)

About 1 years ago, I posted this case study, and shared with many reader in the SEO industry. It’s about how I rank a brand new local client website in 1 month and charged $500 / Month. Till today, I’ve done nothing and the ranking maintain, and I am still receiving the payment from my happy customer. I remember back then, many people were giving their 2cents, mostly positive, but some negative voice were saying, “this ranking won’t last”, “too much links in short time”, “Social Signal not working”, “You should do this”, “You should not do that”.

I am not debating if they are right or wrong, my point here is…. SEO is about testing. You can go through many courses, read many case study. But if you never take action, never do your own testing you will never know what it’s working and what it’s not. Now take a step of faith and start working your website, sooner or later you will discover your own ranking method and strategy. Cheers!

Ranking Update (As at Feb 2015)

Ranking Update (As at July 2015) – Proof that my site still rank

2015-07-09 21_44_23-chart - Windows Photo Viewer

P.S It’s look funny and weird, because proranktracker changed interface recently. But you should able to see that the ranking remain unchange over the past months.

Latest update (Nov 2015) – Client stop paying me and went missing. I decided to pull out my links from all my network, and see how it’s goes. I will post updated of ranking decrease.

Ranking Update (From the Start to Nov 2015) – Didn’t do anything since December.2014

Starshine Ranking Whole Year Screenshot

There should be 2 possibility what will happen next. Either my links are so strong that the ranking will never drop due to link echo or it will drop ranking. I am hoping for the latter as this would give me more control over the ranking. Else if link echo really happy, all my client just had to pay me for 3 months and they would have permanent ranking.


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      Yes. I invoiced him 2 months worth of SEO straight. I told him i work on 2 months to get ranking. He write me a $1,000 in cheque. He is going to refer to me more client! =)

  1. I am building this website in WP but it is not pretty at all. Also, there’s no engagement or call to action and no ranking neither.
    The average sale price is $55.

    With your coupon on 35{5d50dc60b29732f91e4b30c5a067bcd4995b9ef8862b4b65033896b9198affc1} off, how much will it be to work on my project, just like you did with the case study.

    Thank you.
    have a happy and prosperous new year 2015.

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      For the 35{5d50dc60b29732f91e4b30c5a067bcd4995b9ef8862b4b65033896b9198affc1} off, it only cover the PBN links, for the Web 2.0…. i outsourced it.

      Isabella 10 links – $99
      After discount = $64.3

      Relentless 18 links – $169
      After discount = $109.85

      Total Cost for 28 PBN links : $174.15 ($108.85 + $64.3)

      Updated: 35{5d50dc60b29732f91e4b30c5a067bcd4995b9ef8862b4b65033896b9198affc1} off Coupon is now expired.

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  2. Good case study, Samuel! Thanks for sharing. One question though. When you say social web 2.0, what are you referring to exactly? How are they different from web 2.0?

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      Hi Andrew 🙂 They’re more of profile links… I used them with branded anchor or naked URL.. And they are of HIGH PR (6+) … Some of them allow a short bio.. I outsourced them or build them using FCS networker.

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      Automatic.. i use well made spun content… meaning they are hand written and then spun them. Using state of the art spinner…. which make it very readable and unique.

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      I used tools like FCS Network and outsource them… Manually written and then spun them. But they’re highly readable and unique.

  3. would you please tell me how you created those web 2.0s and did you create a new batch of 50 each time or used the same just made more posts?

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  4. i am following you since many days, the ranking strategy you said here are totally working with my website also. but as of now i dont have any PBNs. I am getting some PBN from my friend next week. i have a questions, can i add my targeted keyword in my PBN, and if for example i am posting 8 posts in my PBN, do i require to get 1 backlink from each post or just 1 backlink from the home page. Kindly reply my question brother, its highly appreciable. thanks a lot in advance.

  5. Seems like a great plan. Did you not do any citations or press releases? Where do you get your social signals from?

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