Yes and no. Poorly Spun content is something that you should stay away from. However, the spinner that we are using – ‘SpinRewriter 5.0’, is a state-of-the-art system that creates unique and readable content that seems to be manually written by someone else.

We could offer a unique written content service. However, this would increase our costs and therefore the prices for our links up way higher, as manually writing unique content is not cheap. Also, if we were to hire a content writer for $5 per 500 words just to do ‘manual’ content writing, we are confident that the content produced will still pale in comparison to what SpinRewriter can do, and at a more efficient rate at a lower cost.

In conclusion, unique written content might be a ‘good to have’, but not a ‘must have’. We have never had any issues ranking our own client sites or money sites, and our previous customers who have bought our links for their sites have been able to rank their sites sky high.