Frequently Asked Questions

faq is an affordable Search Engine Optimization (SEO) service solution. We offer quality service at a reselling price.
We offer Private Blog Network (PBN) links, Web 2.0, Social Signals, Guest Posting Services and the all-in-one Search Engine Optimization.
Our cost varies depending on the requirements and circumstances. But we aim to price each link for less than $10.
You simply place an order of your desired keywords along with your URLs, and you will receive your report within the turnaround time.
Due to the nature of the service, despite my wish to guarantee you – I am however unable to make such a claim. In spite of that, what I dare claim is the 90{5d50dc60b29732f91e4b30c5a067bcd4995b9ef8862b4b65033896b9198affc1} of our clients who had their rankings increased after 2 – 3 weeks of using our service. The remaining 10{5d50dc60b29732f91e4b30c5a067bcd4995b9ef8862b4b65033896b9198affc1} were under the “too competitive term”, in which they would require more than just the PBN links.
On a daily basis, we would update our entire network to the latest WordPress, Theme, and Plugin version.
Yes, you can download a sample report here.
Yes. All of our network websites have unique A / B / C Class IP from all around the world. uses different hosting server IP, themes, plugins, domain registrar, mixing fake, and private whois. We customize each website with Ads, Social Profiles, Unique logos, and ‘about us’ to make it look as real as possible. To add on that, we also include social signal to the newly created PBN for initial boost
No, the links are blocked using a state of the art plugin – “Link Privacy”. This is not the “Spyder Spanker” that leaves a big footprint. However, you may find the link appearing in the Google Webmaster tools.
The turnaround time will be between 5 – 7 business days (excluding weekend). We do manual linking – no bot or software is being used, hence a longer turnaround time.
There is no limit to keywords and urls. But we only allow 1 link per post.
For 1 domain, 1 link is given.
Yes, your posts and links are permanent. We guarantee that your link will be live as long as we continue to host that domains. Do remember that we use our network on both our own client as well as our money site. Refer to our case study.
A refund will be provided if we are unable to deliver your order within the promised time. However, due to the nature of the business, no refund will be given once work has been started.
No live link/urls report will be issued. This is to prevent people from reporting our network to Google. Alternatively, a screenshot report will be given. Read here to find out why.
We only allow foreign anchor text, but the article must be in English.
Yes, the network is 100{5d50dc60b29732f91e4b30c5a067bcd4995b9ef8862b4b65033896b9198affc1} self-own. No one else will have the access to it.
Depending on the amount of order, the links will stay on the homepage for at least 2 – 4 weeks. Please be ensured that we do have an order cap per month for our client’s post to have a chance to be on the homepage for 2 weeks.
Yes, you can. Just tell us how many links you would want us to drip-feed a day. But do take note that the report will be in partial as we do your post scheduling in an advance. As we are only able to do the screenshot on the particular day itself, this means that if you were to do a daily 1-day drip-feed, you will only receive 1 screenshot on that day.
For Isabella,Relentless and Universal, they are the same but with different domains. It’s easier for our client and us to keep track of which domains they use. You can refer them as package. If you bought an Isabella package before you can then purchase Relentless to prevent the same domains.

As for Wikipedia niche network, they are more unique, they are firstly niche base and each backlinks has actually Wikipedia page linking back to the PBN itself.

Our networks are currently general-themed. Hence, we are able to post almost any kind of topics in our website.

This is how it works…

Once your order is received, we will create a title/article that is related to your niche. And from there, we will edit the article to drop in an anchor text that will link back to your website.

This is the same general-themed PBN websites that I’ve used for most of my local clients who are specialized in different niche. They were ranked well with it.

Due to the nature of our service, I’m unable to provide you with the direct samples of our PBN websites. However, I am able to show you some of the demo websites that are similar to ours to give you a rough idea of how our PBN websites look like.

Here are some of the samples:

Currently, we do not offer any affiliate service. However, feel free to contact us if you’re interested, and we might just work something out along the way.
To give you an honest answer, yes and no. Poorly spun contents are definitely something that you should be concern about. But to reassure you, the spinner that we are using — “SpinRewriter 5.0”, is a system that could actually spin out unique yet readable content. And yes, we could definitely offer you with a unique written content service. But please take note that the price is definitely going to cost way more. Content writing service is not cheap. And let’s say that we are going to hire a content writer for $5/500 words, I’m not sure about how you feel, but I could proudly say that the “SpinRewriter 5.0” could do just the same (and if not better).

To conclude, theories aside… a unique written content might be ‘Good To Have” but it is not indefinitely a “Must Have”. I never had any issues ranking my own sites, my local clients’ sites, and even those who have bought my links about a year ago — it is still ranking high.