ArchSEO provides digital marketing support services at competitive rates. We work with both business owners and digital marketing agencies to achieve their goals for Search Engine and Content Marketing and provide quality services at affordable prices. Read more about us here.

We Offer Private Blog Network (PBN) links, Web 2.0s, Social Signals, Guest Posting Services and Search Engine Optimization Packages.

Our cost varies depending on your requirements and circumstances. However, for our Relentless Network Links, we aim to price each link at less than $15 USD.

Just place an order with us, providing your desired Keywords as well as your URLs, and you will receive a report of our services within 5-7 business days (our Turnaround Time).

Despite our wishes to guarantee you your desired rankings, we are unable to make such claims. However, 90% of our clients had their rankings improved within 2-3 weeks of using our services. The remaining 10% were attempting to rank for niches that are ‘highly competitive’, which in this case would require more than only PBN links to rank.

We update our entire network to the latest WordPress, Themes, and Plugin versions daily. We also check the metrics of our site and review them for things such as indexing status every few days.

Yes, you can download a sample report here.

Yes. All the sites in our network have unique A/B/C Class IPs from all over the world.

ArchSEO uses different hosting server IPs, themes, plugins, domain registrars, as well as mixing fake and private Whois information. We also customise each website with Ads, Social Profiles, Unique Logos and Pages (especially the About Us Section) to make them look as legitimate as possible. Furthermore, we also blast social signals to newly created PBNs for an initial boost.

No. The links are blocked using ‘Link Privacy’, the industry’s finest bot blocking plugin. We do not use plugins such as ‘Spyder Spanker’ or other miscellaneous plugins that leave big footprints around. However, you will still be able to find your links appearing in your Google Search Console (previously Google Webmaster Tools).

Our TAT is between 5 – 7 business days (excluding weekends). We perform manual linking and do not use any bots or software to automate the process, therefore the longer TAT.

There is no limit to the number of Keywords and URLs you can submit to us. However, we only allow 1 link per post.

Yes, the posts and links are permanent. We also guarantee that your link will be live as long as we continue to host domains. Do remember that we also use our network for our clients and our own money sites. We do have a 3 months replacement guarantee.  You can refer to our case study here.

A refund will be provided if we are unable to deliver your order within the promised time. However, due to the nature of the business, no refund will be given once work has been started.

No live links or URLs will be shown to you, to prevent people from alerting our network to Google. However, we will provide you a screenshot report. Read here to find out why.

Yes we accept foreign site but as of July 2019, we no longer allow foreign anchor text and the article your link is posted on will be in English.

Yes, the network is 100% self-owned. No one else will have access to our sites.

Links typically remain on the homepage for at least 2-4 weeks. Rest assured that we do have an order cap per month for each of our client’s posts to stay on the home page for at least two weeks.

Yes. Simply tell us how many links you would like us to drip-feed each day or week.

Our Networks are currently in General Sites. Therefore, we can post any kinds of topics on our websites and provide links to any sites.

Once your order is received, we will create a title for the article that is related to your niche. From there, we will edit the article to place anchor text that will link back to your website. These are the same general-themed PBN sites that I have used for all of my local clients who each have different niches, and they were still able to rank well with my links.

However, we are in the midst of building niche relevant PBNs. Please check back with us frequently and we will notify you when these niche sites are up.

Due to the nature of our service, we are unable to provide you with direct samples of our websites. However, we can show you some demo sites that are similar to ours, to give you a rough idea of how our PBN sites look like.

Here are some samples:

Currently, we do not offer any affiliate services. However, feel free to contact us if you’re interested, and we might just work out something along the way.

Yes and no. Poorly Spun content is something that you should stay away from. However, the spinner that we are using – ‘SpinRewriter 5.0’, is a state-of-the-art system that creates unique and readable content that seems to be manually written by someone else.

We could offer a unique written content service. However, this would increase our costs and therefore the prices for our links up way higher, as manually writing unique content is not cheap. Also, if we were to hire a content writer for $5 per 500 words just to do ‘manual’ content writing, we are confident that the content produced will still pale in comparison to what SpinRewriter can do, and at a more efficient rate at a lower cost.

In conclusion, unique written content might be a ‘good to have’, but not a ‘must have’. We have never had any issues ranking our own client sites or money sites, and our previous customers who have bought our links for their sites have been able to rank their sites sky high.

For each domain, we will provide 1 link.