Links are expensive and can add up to considerable costs. ArchSEO offers links of the highest quality auctions domains for only a small one-time fee, for all your link building needs. We have full quality checks in place to ensure the standards of our network to provide you links at high cost-performance.

3 Ways to Use Our Links

Hit your money sites with partial/direct anchors (When you need more link juice)
Pillow your homepage and money pages with URL/generic anchors (when you can’t use any more citations or Web 2.0s to do this)
Add more power to your Guest posts, Citations, Web 2.0s and Social Fortress (Power up your Tier 1s without adding more links to your money site)

Our Network Features



Average DR and UR 10 – 20+ (Min 6)


Average TF and CF 15 – 30+ (Min 10)


Average DA and PA 15 – 30+ (Min 10)


Average age 2 – 5 years (Never expired)


A-C Class IP (In a Different Country)

Unique Logos, Themes and Designs



Private Whois, Mixed Registrar

Majority of Backlink Crawlers Blocked


Quality Assurance

Auction PBNs That Are Tested and Proven

Twice Weekly Index Check Performance


Do-Follow and Permanent Links

Homepage Outbound Links (OBL) 10-30+

Relentless Network Package

Pick The Package That Works Best For Your Business.  It Takes More Than Just a Single Link To Rank.


6 Links – $89


24 Links – $339


12 Links – $175


50 Links – $706


18 Links – $259


100 Links – $1400

Unique Auctioned Domains, No Recurring Fees

 All PBNs are tested to move needles (See results here)

Success Stories

I’m using the Relentless Network too.

The links are really value for money and a lot of my money sites are ranking after using them. The support is also awesome. Joseph Ho

I know ArchSEO via a private skype group, bought lots of links since 2014.

You pay it once and your links stays on the network for life. I ranked lots of my money sites with the links. Michael Abegunde

Ordered a package from ArchSEO on the 1 month ago and already two of my main keywords shot up to top 5 of the first page!

Will be ordering more soon. Haroon Bhutta

Tested out ArchSEO, ranked a few local search terms with about 400 searches monthly.

Just took 18 links to rank from nowhere, to first page. Good test for a permanent links service. Cyas Ng

Links are good. I bought a 2nd order from ArchSEO and I’m actually pre-ordering more for when they builds more. He knows what he is doing. I personally use buffers sites with links I Buy (That are not my own) but I’d recommend his service. All my Rankings have improved. Jose Martinez

Great service!

Never had any issues with these guys and seen some nice jumps on pages where I have used these links. Matthew Marley

Frequently Asked Questions

What Content Will Be Used?

To maintain the quality of our service at these low prices, we write articles by getting our in-house writers to write high quality unique articles. Otherwise, we translate them thoroughly using deepl translator. This translator is able to understand their meanings entirely before generating a completely unique and high-quality version. After that, we run the article through grammarly to remove any grammatical and spelling errors to make it truly unique and readable.

For example, when you order a 6 links package, we create 6 different unique articles from 6 different sources. These articles are never similar to each other regarding content and topic.

Disclaimer: the quality of our content may not match that of a tier 1 highest quality writer, but our content is the best that you can get, at our price point.

What Is The Turn Around Time?

The turn around time will be between 3 – 7 days (excluding weekends), because we place your links manually instead of using a bot or software.

How Many Keyword And URLs Are Allowed?

This depends on how big your order is. If you order a 6 links package, you can provide us with up to 6 different urls and keywords.

Are The Links Permanent?

Yes. Your posts and links are permanent as long as the network is alive. In the extreme rare causes of deindex (less 1%), we will replace your post on another website if the order was placed within the last 3 months. In other words, we guarantee that your links will be live for at least 3 months.

On average, they stay for 2 – 4 years (and counting). We do not remove the links unless there are issues with them. Do remember that we use our own network for our own clients as well as our own money sites.

Refund Policy?

We will provide a refund to you if we are unable to deliver your links within the promised time or else no refund once the work is completed.

Will There Be A Report?

We will provide a screenshot of the anchor we built for you. We do not offer live actual link reports. This is to prevent people from building spammy tier 2 links to us, and from reporting our network to google.

List Of Niche We Don't Accept

1. Pharma/viagra/online supplements
2. Online gambling/online gaming
3. Loans/payday loans
4. Porn/adult

Do You Accept Foreign Sites?

As of July 2019, we no longer allow foreign anchor text.

Do You Own The Entire Network?

Yes, we solely own the entire network 100%. Only we have access to these sites. We do not resell other’s vendor service

Are these PBN Niche Relevant?

Our networks are build with a niche in mind however we’re posting to any niche that is not consider spammy as mention above. Hence, we are able to post almost any kind of topics in our website. 

This is how it works…

Once your order is received, we will create a title/article that is related to your niche. And from there, we will edit the article to drop in an anchor text that will link back to your website. This is the same general-themed PBN websites that I’ve used for most of my local clients who are specialized in different niche. They were ranked well with it. See results here


Have any questions? Feel free to add me on Skype, even if you simply want me to check out your website.